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The ensaimada goes to New York

Food film festival

One of Mallorca's sweetest, tastiest delicacies will be appearing on the big screen in a few weeks' time in New York city. The ensaimada, a sweet spiral of pastry with the delicate consistency of fresh air sprinkled with icing sugar is the feature of a film by two experts from Mallorca.

Expert number one is the baker Tomeu Arbona who would surely have a Michelin star if the French tyre company dished out its awards to bakeries. Our readers will know Tomeu from past articles, particularly his takeover of the splendid Forn des Teatre cafe in Palma city centre.

Baking is his passion and it shows in everything he does. Whilst at the Madrid Fusion gastronomic fair he bumped into one of the island's best photographers, Nando Esteva, whose work we've also featured and the two hatched a plot to produce a film for the NY festival.

The film, as you can see, features only the baker's skilled hands working on the preparation table at the Forn des Teatre with a soundtrack provided by Arbona himself. He's singing a traditional work song which would be chanted during the harvesting of wheat in Mallorca – fitting for a man who discovers long forgotten recipes from old cookbooks and employs past techniques in his new creations.

Taking place from 24th to 27th October, Food Film Festival's strapline is taste what you see on the screen and the Mallorcan pair have been invited along to prepare ensaimadas live for the audience's delectation as they watch the film.