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The ghost ship of Pollensa

Divers' heaven

The wreck of a ship found floating in the sea off Pollensa over a decade ago has recently been found. The barnacle encrusted hull of the good ship Andrea Ferrara, known to all and sundry as the ghost ship, was found by local diving companies after a tip off from fishermen.

A large presence of fish in the area had alerted the fishermen, who know that structures attract fish, that there was more than just sand and rocks in Davy Jones' locker, so they called in divers Skualo and Tramuntana Diving to investigate.

At 38 metres deep the divers found the entire wreck of the Andrea Ferrara, in good shape, but now colonised and home to many species of marine flora and fauna which all love a wreck.

As if this wasn't fascinating enough, because divers also love wrecks, the ship has gained an urban myth reputation in the Pollensa area. It's a wooden motorsailer, 20 metres long, with a double deck and two masts which was found floating, Mary Celeste style, off the coast about 15 years ago.

Obviously, with a mystery like this, rumours and myths began to spread like wildfire and the most popular were that its German owner had gone bankrupt and just abandoned it; and the best one that it had sunk with one million marks aboard, someone had recovered them and refloated the ship (like you do when you're a new millionaire)

Anyway, the ship was towed to shore where it quickly became a tourist attraction on the beach for a year, and was then towed back out to sea and anchored. Still an attraction for strong swimmers and boat trips, it disappeared without trace in 2011 – until now!

As I said, divers love wrecks, and if you are a diver, you'll need advanced certification and preferably a deep speciality to visit this wreck and Tramuntana Diving (photo) will be happy to guide you to it or help with the relevant certificates.