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High fire risk

Be careful out there

beach bbq fire risk

It's August; there's a heatwave, and it hasn't rained for ages. The TV and newspapers are full of photographs and articles with hillsides and forests ablaze and homes evacuated in similarly hot regions to Mallorca.

There's already a ban on lighting fires and the island was placed on red alert last week because of the very high temperatures and the populace and visitors were urged to be extremely careful when out and about.

A carelessly discarded cigarette butt or even a glass bottle lying around like a magnifying glass in the sun could start a conflagration. It's that easy to get a roaring blaze crackling away (unless of course you're a celebrity on Bear Grylls survival island.)

You'd think then, that anyone with an ounce of common sense would be careful, and doubly so in an area which is designated as an area of special protection and conservation and whose beauty is stunning.

Well, not so it would seem. Staff from the island's environmental agency came across a group of people who had moored their launch on the beach at Cala Figuera in Formentor, part of the European Natura 2000 Network and set up a pergola, table and chairs in preparation for a slap up meal.

They'd also brought a large cylindrical barbecue which was crackling away within easy sparking distance of the tinder dry vegetation surrounding the beach (you can see it on the agency's photographs.)

Agents immediately told them to stop and leave and reported them to the authorities. No information was given about the miscreants themselves but a possible clue to their nationality is the Russian Naval flag that they had hoisted on the beach.

The moral of this story is of course, be really careful out there and think about what you are doing, for the benefit of the flora, fauna, inhabitants of the island AND the brave firefighters who are called in to deal with forest fires everywhere.