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Mallorca Beach Style

Tunisian Foutas

tunisian fouta beach towels

It's time to throw in the towel on the battle to look stylishly unique on the beach or by the pool during your Mallorcan break. Leave those giant, thick, often garishly decorated towels behind and get yourself a Fouta!

A what? Yes, a Fouta, a traditional Turkish or Arab towel often used in the bath houses hundreds of years ago and which I'd always called Hammam towels.

Now gaining popularity as a beach towel they're soft, flexible and highly absorbent and easily do the job of thicker normal towels and don't take up so much room in your beach bag.

Unlike towels they can also be used as throws on chairs and sofas, wraps on chilly evenings, or because of their use of traditional and quite sophisticated colours and patterns, as home decoration.

Well, I wouldn't be telling you all this without also telling you that there's a brilliant specialist shop right here in Palma which sells a whole plethora of Foutas in a range of colours and patterns to please all.

Called Harmonie, the shop is located at carrer argentina 7, and open 10:00 - 14:00, 16:00 – 20:00 on shopping days, but its owners Franck Chambaudet and Laurence Lecuyer can also be found with their wares at Santanyi and Porto Cristo markets.

The Foutas themselves are made from top quality Egyptian cotton and woven in Tunisia, in small production units where they have hundreds of years experience of making the light, fringed 'towels.'

Shoppers will also find a whole stock of lovely items at Harmonie from scented candles, to beach bags, to dishcloths and more. Get an idea from their Facebook Page.