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More smoke free beaches

No Butts

no more butts

The campaign to liberate Mallorca's beaches from tobacco smoke is gathering strength. This week more beaches banned smoking on the sands; Cala Deià, la Colònia de Sant Pere (Artà), and Cala Millor (Sant Llorenç) joined the existing smoke free beaches on the island, Cala Estància (Palma), Cala Anguila (Manacor) and Sant Joan (Alcúdia.)

As we've explained before, it's not so much smoking per se that is the bete noir here, more the waste that is left behind by thoughtless smokers who dak out their cigarettes in the sand leaving the butt behind.

The material in these filters can pollute litres and litres of seawater and takes ages to degrade, and it's not just one butt that is the problem. The campaign 'No más colillas en el suelo' (no more butts on the ground) have, with the aid of volunteers, started to collect carelessly disposed fag ends from Mallorca's beaches and reckon they'll easily crack the 200,000 butt mark in the ten days which finish on Thursday.

I certainly think they'll do it if you look at their photos with the haul from just one day at the beach. And well done to the lad who volunteered to be covered in butts to publicise the campaign!

Remember – The planet is not an ashtray.