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Palma airport Meet & Assist

Your own VIP PA

Palma airport vip lounge

Tiring and tiresome; two words to describe modern air travel. From queueing for ages for luggage drops and check in, to the cramped steaming hot hell hole that is security, then dodging through the narrow passageways in the 'shopping zone' and finally trying to find somewhere comfortable to sit.

And this is all before you're standing in an airless tube to the plane door waiting for someone trundling up and down the aisle looking for their seat – the rows are in numerical order!!

I'm getting stressed just thinking about it, so wouldn't it be great if you could pay for a service where someone would meet you at the airport, help with your luggage, guide you serenely through fast track security, do some shopping for you and then deposit you safely in the VIP (photo) lounge?

There'll you'll be shown how the premium Wi-Fi service works, have your flight information to hand while you enjoy a snack and a drink, and best of all, a complimentary browse of the Daily Mail is included in the price!

Well, your dreams of a relaxed airport trip have now all come true thanks to Palma Airport's Meet & Assist service which also is available for those arriving as well as departing.

The service has to be ordered 72 hours in advance on this link – Palma Airport Meet and Assist – and the following services and costs apply


•Welcome, passenger exclusive attention and accompaniment.

•Assistance with luggage check-in.

•Accompaniment and assistance through customs.

•Preferential access at the checkpoints (Fast Lane).

•Aena Vip Lounge stay with the following services:: catering, press, flight information, Internet access, free wifi (get to know how the Wifi service works) children's area, work area and meeting rooms.

•Assistance with baggage reclaim.

•Information and help with transits and connecting flights.

•Farewell and help with transfer and transport services.



•1 user: €200.

•2 users: €255.

•3 users: €285.

•4 users: €315.

•Additional User : €70.


•1 user: €100.

•2 users: €127.50.

•3 users: €142.50.

•4 users: 157,50 €.

•Additional user : €35.

Connecting flights

•1 user: €150.

•2 users: €191.

•3 users: €214.

•4 users: €236.

•Additional user: €52.50.

VAT-inclusive prices. Accompanied children aged 0 - 5 free

Aena, the airport authority for all Spain have chosen Palma as the first of their airports for the service and are promoting it with a 50% discount on those prices until the end of August.

Do you think it's worth the money?