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Rent a Seabob

Summer's top water toy


If you've got a few bob to spare and you fancy having some high speed aquatic antics then you may want to consider hiring a Seabob. Thrust into the limelight this summer by Hollywood celebs like Orlando Bloom who was papped at Sa Calobra rehearsing for a possible future role as Aquaman at the controls of a Seabob a few weeks ago.

This speedy little craft is like a mini torpedo which powers itself and its rider through the water – either on or below the surface – at top speeds of 15 to 20 kph depending on the model, has experienced a Bloom boom in rentals this summer as ordinary rich folk seek to emulate celebrity rich folk!

Russell Fenwick of Nauti Parts, a company specialising in the sale and rental of water toys, says that rentals of Seabobs have risen dramatically recently with prices for the Seabob F5 starting at €275 for a day and rising to €1500 for a week and the faster F5S coming in at €325 and €1800. Not surprisingly Nauti Parts is based in Mallorca's two top sports ports; Portals Nous and Port Adriano.

These little electric torpedoes which pull the rider through the water are also designed with certain safety features like an automatic power drop if the Seabob dives to deeply which forces the rider to return gracefully to the surface at low speed and avoid damage to the ears. Anyone hiring one from Nauti Parts is also given a buoy attached to the ankle to make them more visible to others in the sea.

Take a look at Nauti Parts' website as you may also fancy having some fun with a Jet Ski, Seadoo, Flyboard, Fliteboard, Schiller Bike, or an inflatable banana!