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SEO Cala Figuera

Sand, sea and searches

cala figuera

Hands up if you thought Search Engine Optimisation was the reserve of the personality challenged? Me too. Our SEO bod rarely navigates his bloodshot eyes from his bedroom's triple screen PC and is normally mistaken for one of the filing cabinets if he manages to get to the office.

New research and figures just released seem to indicate that SEO isn't all about binary numbers and that there's a possibility that certain geeks have visited the outside world – in daylight!

Someone, somewhere, with the aid of Google has come up with a new way of measuring beach population based solely on SEO and Internet searches.

Fasten your seatbelts because Cala Figuera, here in Mallorca could very well prove to be the most crowded beach in Spain! The figures produced to show this rely on the highly unlikely event of everybody who has paid a virtual visit to the beach in an average month all turning up in reality, and broad daylight, on the same day!

So, the average number of visitors was 24,000 and the size of Cala Figuera beach is 1000 square metres, so there would be 24 people squeezed into every square metre! The SEO geeks are at pains to point out that other beaches had more searches but as they were bigger their square metre rate was lower!

And in an effort to break my own personal best record for the use of exclamation marks, two more Balearic beaches were the next in line in the list; Cala Salada in Ibiza with 17.63 and Cala del Moro in Mallorca with 15.08!

How about that?