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Transport ticket revolution

Contactless payment

aerotib bus

Like many places Mallorca has a transport tariff system in place which benefits frequent travellers and like many places this system isn't designed for short stay visitors.

However, thanks to the Ministry of Mobility and Housing, a new tariff system has been designed which will benefit those who don't use the island's TIB public transport system – train, bus and metro – frequently, ie we tourists!

They've introduced a new payment system using contactless methods; bank cards, phones, and smartwear, which has so many advantages over the old fashioned cash payments. In the bad old days (last week) everybody paying with cash paid the full fare on each method of transport, so depending on the journey you could end up forking out 3 times to get from A to B via C and D.

Now, with the new contactless method of payment, the "comfortable and fast" option, there's no need to visit the ticket office, travel is allowed on one journey using rail, road and underground within 60 minutes and most importantly there are discounts. Solo travellers automatically get a 40% discount, but groups paying with the same card can hit the jackpot as the discount increases per person - 40% the first, 45% the second, 50% the third, 55% the fourth and 60% the fifth!

The new system applies to all public transport in Mallorca with two exceptions; the Soller train and the separate EMT Palma buses. It will be ideal for people staying in the resorts all over Mallorca and should be a boon for the Aerotib airport to resort bus service.

Check the Aerotib timetables and all other routes, train bus and metro, by clicking the link.