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Gordiola glass blowing

Tangible cultural heritage

One of Mallorca's oldest existing factories, the Gordiola glass blowing factory, which has been producing exquisite pieces of glass ware since 1719 is being put forward for a World Heritage nomination.

The 300 year old company which still produces its wares just as they did in 1719 will probably be declared as a Spanish representative of Tangible Cultural Heritage.

Tangible heritage includes buildings and historic places, monuments, artifacts, etc., which are considered worthy of preservation for the future. These include objects significant to the archaeology, architecture, science or technology of a specific culture.

Everything in the production process at the Gordiola factory is done by hand and each piece takes between 8 and 20 minutes to complete. And because it's all done by hand (and mouth) the irregular and asymmetric characteristics of all the pieces not only give them a certain charm but make every one totally unique!

The great thing about the Gordiola factory is that it welcomes visitors to come and see for themselves how it is done with the 6 employees putting on a show blowing spectacle every day. Obviously they'd like people to buy something so there is a shop in the castle-like premises.

You can find Gordiola on the road from Manacor to Palma at Km 19 close to Algaida. It's open as follows;

June to October – mon to Sat 9 to 19 and Sunday 9 to 13.30

November to May - mon to Sat 9 to 18 and Sunday 9 to 13.30