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Protect the pepper!

Designated origin certification

Pimentón de Mallorca

Like grapes, olives, and other agricultural products which have a denomination of origin certification to guarantee their quality and production methods, the humble Mallorca red pepper is about to join the list.

The long paperwork process is well underway and has now passed from regional to national government on route to the European Parliament and council which should, if all goes to plan, rubber stamp the request.

Like grapes, olives and other edible products, the taste and flavour of the pepper is influenced by external factors like the soil, weather, geographical location, hours of sunshine, rainfall and so on as well as production and harvesting methods.

All of these factors combine to produce the Pimentón de Mallorca which when used to produce paprika in both sweet and hot varieties , is much prized all over Spain. It's also one of the important ingredients in many local Mallorca dishes like sobrasada, empanandas and cocas to give them their vibrant red colour and distinctive flavour. It's also a great antioxidant!

Most of the pepper's 28 metric tonnes annual production comes from small farms which still use traditional methods – the most visual of which is hanging thousands of freshly picked peppers on the facades of buildings to dry in the sun ready to be ground into paprika powder.

You can see the range of pepper products on local spice company Crespi's webpage – click the link.