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We heart Cor

Informal dining

In pretty well every barrio of every, city, town and village in Spain there'll be a small family run bar at the heart of the community. It's the place you'd call in for a coffee en route to work, have a quick pastry for elevenses, pop in for lunch, have a chat with friends 'after-work,' and perhaps have a quick aperitif before dinner.

It's the kind of place the Spanish call 'a bar for all your life,' and a new place based on this concept has opened up near Palma's Olivar Market, the biggest in the city. Called COR Barra i Taula (Heart Bar and Table) it's basically a 'lite' version of Superchef Santi Taura's other restaurants.

However, its 'liteness' is only on your wallet, as the food and its ingredients are all top quality and based on traditional flavours, with daily offerings based on seasonal, local products which all add up to a great informal dining experience.

Santi heads an experienced, passionate team who whip up some superb smaller dishes from morning to night with breakfasts, tapas, larger portions and daily dishes all with fresh from the market ingredients. You can complement these with smoothies, coffee, teas and infusions, to vermouth, beers, cocktails and wines every day from Monday to Saturday.

As you can see from the photos from their Facebook Page it's a buzzing, casual eaterie with some great snacks on offer and I've already got my name on the fried egg, chips and sobrasada dish and a glass of red for a chilly August night in Palma.

What more could we want – great food, atmosphere, economic prices and right in the centre of town for the bus or train home.

COR Barra i Taula is at Edificio ORISBA, Plaza Comptat de Rosselló, Palma.