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The Circus of Horrors returns

Apocalyptic spectacular

The Circus of Horrors returns

The absolutely brilliant Circus of Horrors company returns to Palma this month to present their new Rock-Opera spectacular Apocalypse! As you can probably guess from the title, the company and the photos, it's a production where Mad Max meets Mordor meets Metallica meets make-up in a mash up of circus, comedy, horror and some nicely tailored costumes.

Taking place in Palma's Son Fusteret pop up show ground this spectacular show is aimed at all nationalities and cultures (but over 12's only please as it's a bit adult) with a theme of a nightmarish dystopian world on the brink of collapse through environmental chaos.

The show is staged in an inhospitable world where only a few people survive – thankfully all excellent performers, acrobats, singers, musicians, fire-eaters and the like – and magnificent sets and special effects create the devastating elements of nature; torrential rains, hurricane winds, great electrical and sand storms or the very volcanic fire that emerged from the depths of the earth's crust .

Logistically, Apocalypse features almost 100 people of 10 nationalities, including artists, technicians and tour staff, an impressive tent of 4000 m2 of canvas, 1000 m2 of surface and 23 meters high, in which there is a stage of more than 600 m2 and a spectacular Led screen of 208 m2.

So, worth every cent of the €17.50 to €60 admission price for the nightly shows from 17th October to 3rd November with tickets bookable online by clicking the link.

If that doesn't encourage you to go, take a look at the promo video. The guy putting the blazing torch down his trousers must be worth the entrance price alone!