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Greener Transport in Mallorca

Solar powered trains

Solar powered trains

Mallorca's rail network authority, Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (SFM,) has some well advanced plans to make the island's railways greener and more environmentally friendly. All Mallorcan trains are now electrically powered which in one way is good, but in another not so good as generating the electricity throws out CO2 emissions.

SFM's scheme is to construct a 33,000 square metre photovoltaic park in the Santa Maria countryside which will contain 10,200 solar panels to convert sunshine into electricity! When up and running it's calculated that there will be enough green energy to power 38% of all train services which are currently (pun intended) running.

The scheme is still in the planning stage with a few paperwork hoops to jump through yet, but it is forecast to go out to tender in 2020 with a term of execution of just 16 weeks. Rough estimates put the cost of buying the land and construction works at around €3.5 million but with financial savings of around €0.5 million a year the capital outlay will soon be recouped.

If any Swedish teenage eco-activists are reading, then they'll be pleased to hear that CO2 emissions will be reduced by 2,119 tons per year. So, well done SFM!