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100% Natural Gin from Mallorca

Pareis Distillery

mercant gin

The little town of Llubi on the flat central plain of Mallorca is home to only about 2000 people and its main claims to fame are its capers (the bitter pickles not its ridiculous escapades) and liqueur production. Soon to be joining that long list is the Pareis Distillery, a cottage gin production unit which does everything the old fashioned way.

The young couple in charge there make just two gins, Mercant and Mascori, by maintaining traditional means - a handmade manufacturing method, from copper distillate distillation to subsequent processes such as bottling and labelling that is done by hand.

Unlike some of the strangely flavoured 'gins' which are now available where the ingredients are added after the distillation process, the Pareis products are true gins of the London Dry type and are made in a single distillate with all the ingredients added at the same time.

With such a small operation quality control is easier and the 42% gins are made with the best raw materials; high quality cereal alcohol, natural ingredients, no artificial additives, and only low volume production runs

Well, what are the gins like? Here's what the Pareis people say about them....


Super aromatic spiced gin, is made with juniper, cinnamon, Majorca oranges and other sweet spices. For the preparation of gintonic with Mercant we recommend using neutral tonic. A piece of orange peel can be added to the mixture. We do not recommend the use of lemon as it eliminates its characteristic flavor.


It is a gin made with lemons from Mallorca, juniper and citrus spices. It is characterized by its delicate fruity aroma with an acid touch. The gintonic with Mascori is refreshing and sweet, for its preparation we recommend neutral tonic so as not to interfere with the aromas of gin. Because of its fine taste it is also very appropriate to drink alone.”

If you fancy sampling a refreshing snifter of either gin, keep an eye out for it in good supermarkets and food fairs, or check into the Pareis Website which is currently being revamped to include an online shop.

Chin chin.