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New role for Capdepera lighthouse

Visitor centre

Capdepera lighthouse

Thanks to the Sustainable Tourist Tax, the nightly levy which all adult visitors to the Balearics must pay, one of Mallorca's emblematic old lighthouses will find a new purpose.

The Capdepera lighthouse which is located high on rocky cliffs at Cala Ratjada will be renovated to find new life as a visitor and management centre of the Llevant Marine Reserve using funds from the so called Eco Tax.

As long ago as 2007 an area of 5,900 hectares off the north east coast of Mallorca in the Arta region was decreed to be a marine reserve by the Balearic Government. At that time it was recognised that a management centre with workspace, laboratory and storage facilities was needed but until now funds were never available.

However, thanks to the contributions of millions of holidaymakers, €456,320 has been made available to convert the lighthouse into not only just such a centre, but also a space where tourists and visitors can learn – through exhibitions, talks, audio-visual presentations and the like – about the reserve itself and the work of the scientists and naturalists who staff it.

Currently closed to the public, the lighthouse's reopening would, according to the Balearic authorities, “be a very interesting and attractive cultural offer for the general public,” and bring more visitors to the area out of the main summer season.

While its main purpose is to inform visitors about the plethora of live which inhabits the sea and sea bed of this massive marine reserve – around 900 species of fish, algae, and mollusks – its position on the rugged clifftops doesn't have give some spectacular views and photo opportunities!

Our photos courtesy of the Balearic Ports authority which is responsible for all the lighthouses on all four Balearic Islands.