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Palma Bread

Swedish bakery in Palma

Here in Spain we eat a lot of bread, on average around 32 kilos of the stuff per person per year. The problem is that a lot of it is fairly nondescript white bread that isn't really interesting and can play havoc with our svelte figures despite our otherwise healthy Mediterranean diet.

Luckily for us help is at hand on both counts at a newish bakery opened in Palma's trendy Santa Catalina district. Called Palma Bread, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and more!

Swedish run and specialising in Scandi style breads and pastries its claim to fame is that it is not just another breadshop, but the only sourdough bakery baking fresh bread on site seven days a week.

As you probably know, the every so trendy sourdough bread is really tasty and really nutritious thanks in part to a really slow, cold fermentation process of around 18 hours in a fridge. The bakers, who you can see at their craft, use only 100% natural stoneground flour and add rye and walnuts for extra texture and flavour.

One of the speciality breads on offer, and it's an ideal midsummer breakfast staple, is rye bread with pumpkin seeds and cranberries – just add cheese or cold meat. The other great thing about the bread, particularly if you're not feeding the five thousand, is that it stays fresh for up to a week so is ideal for just yourself or a couple!

Now, it's not all about the bread, Palma Bread also has a fabulous selection of pastries stuffed full of fruit, cinnamon and cardamom buns made several times a day so there is always a fresh supply in the shop. For me the piece de resistance and sure to become one of my favourites are the Swedish chocolate balls, made of melted dark chocolate, oats, coconut flakes, coffee and a hint of sea salt.

Why don't you join me at Palma Bread, Placa del Progres 14, Santa Catalina, Palma.

Call 660 56 61 00


Mon to Fri, 7 to 20

Sat to Sun 7 to 16