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Sineu Contrallum IV

Let there be light

The fourth edition of an event that is unique in Mallorca will be taking place on Saturday 16th November in Sineu. This charming little town, famous for its weekly market, will be illuminated to show off its architectural heritage and encourage sustainability and friendliness to the environment.

The event is called Contrallum (which means against light) and aims to promote local heritage by displaying it, quite literally, in a different light. It's astonishing how everyday objects – streets, houses, bars, churches, alleys – look totally different away from the glare of day when illuminated in clever and innovative ways.

The whole town centre of Sineu will be lit up along a specific route which if followed will highlight the different corners of the town and display the creativity of the light shows' authors. In addition, many of the displays will feature recyclable materials in an effort to encourage us all to be kinder to our planet.

I've used quite a lot of photos taken by the l'Obra Cultural Balear de Sineu and you can see many more by clicking the link. Doesn't it look fantastic – so atmospheric and so, so clever. Needless to say, it's best viewed in the dark, so the official timetable for Contrallum is from 19 to 22 on the Saturday night.