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White Christmas, Black Friday

Palma's Christmas lights

casal solleric video mapping

The festive season officially starts in Mallorca on Thursday 28th November when Palma's Christmas illuminations are switched on in a big ceremony taking place in the city centre.

The date has been carefully selected as it is the evening before Black Friday, an American consumer festival which like the commercialised Christmas we have now, has been adopted wholeheartedly here in Spain.

The Christmas illuminations themselves are really quite an elegant affair with silvery white stars and baubles giving a really festive atmosphere in the many streets of the city centre. The lighting up ceremony in contrast is full of razzmatazz and features lots of noise, audio visual displays, circus acts and entertainment in the streets.

This year over €96,000 has been spent on just this one evening which is centred on the main Paseo del Borne square in Palma where the star of the show is the spectacular audiovisual display using the magnificent Casal Solleric gallery as a screen.

Tech company Daluman Lab are tasked with providing this show using a technique called video mapping which projects images onto the facade of the building. My rather inadequate description of what happens can be enhanced by taking a look at the video of last year's big switch on – incredible, isn't it?

Be there at 7 pm for the start of the proceedings and just follow the crowds to the other venues around town like the Plaza de Cort if you want to enjoy the entertainment.