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Abaco – the Christmas Miracle

Twenty years more

In a turnaround more unexpected and miraculous than Ebeneezer Scrooge's conversion from Scrooge to Father Christmas, I can reveal that Palma's bar Abaco, possibly unique in all the world, will not close forever this month.

As I reported last year, the emblematic bar housed in a magnificent mansion in the old Lonja area of Palma had to shut up shop forever as the beautiful building was going to be converted to a boutique hotel. Abaco's owners have been preparing for the fateful day ever since and were in the advanced stages of making ALL the staff redundant.

Plans were made to close on 18th November, clear out all the beautiful furniture, fixtures and fittings and hand back the keys to the owners on New Year's Eve.

However at the last minute a miracle happened, a rather complicated miracle at that, which involved the old owners, the would be new owner, the town hall's planning department and the cost and logistics of converting a listed building of historical artistic heritage.

This led to some wheeling and dealing and rather intricate financial arrangements resulting in a new 20 year lease at four times the previous rent which will see Abaco in its home until 2040!

Don't go rushing down there to celebrate with a Gin and Tonic in a cut glass bowl amidst the opulent surroundings of drapes, statues and acres of fruit just yet as the relieved staff are taking a well earned break and will reopen on the last Thursday of January 2020!

Isn't that great news?