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Bon Nadal from Mallorca

Catalan Christmas stickers

Catalan Christmas stickers

The normally staid Consell de Mallorca, the political body covering the whole of the island, has introduced a bit of frivolous levity into its language policy.

Its department of Culture, Heritage and Language, which at times has been quite draconian in its defence and promotion of the native Mallorcan language of Catalan, has just introduced a fun way to help keep the language alive.

Linguistic experts at the Consell have designed a series of stickers with well known festive phrases in Catalan for use on the popular mobile communications platform, Whatsapp.

If you didn't already know, Whatsapp stickers help you to communicate your feelings when it's just impossible (or too long winded) to express them with words. For example when I'm as happy as a laughing dinosaur wearing a party hat while juggling balloons, that's the sticker I use!

So, if you'd like to impress and amuse your friends and family by saying Happy Christmas, cheers, good health, I agree, or simply 'what?' just message 00 34 660 427 572 on Whatsapp and you'll receive a bumper pack of stickers.