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Mallorcan Christmas Delicacy II

Roast Chestnuts

roasting chestnuts

It's Christmas Eve and a certain song is going round my head -

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Yuletide carols being sung by a choir

And folks dressed up like Eskimos.”

which reminded me of a sure sign that Christmas is approaching in Mallorca.

On street corners and squares all around the island the unmistakable yuletide aroma of roasting chestnuts wafts its way temptingly through the air. There's nothing quite like a paper cone of delicious roast chestnuts to bring a genuine Christmassy feeling to a day out shopping or taking in the air before a drink or two in a local cafe.

Chestnuts grow in many regions of Spain and are a real autumn and winter treat for us all. Not only are they roast – usually in woks or deep frying pans, not on an open fire – but they are also made into liqueurs or fed to pigs to give the famous Iberico ham is uniquely distinctive flavour!

Now, if you want to bring Nat King Cole's lyrics to life we can help you with the chestnuts and songs here in Mallorca, but Jack Frost and the Eskimos are out of the question as the Christmas weather this year involves clear sunny skies and temperatures from 19 to 22 degrees in the day time!

Wish you were here?

Merry Christmas to all my readers