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Around Mallorca in 13 hours

Record circumnavigation

the voyage of the trifork

A new record has just been set for the circumnavigation of the entire island of Mallorca by a sailing boat. Powered only by the wind , the Danish vessel Trifork completed the round trip to and from Portitxol harbour in just 13 hours, 15 minutes and 17 seconds! That completely smashes the record of 17 hours and 14 minutes held by a German boat since 2005.

The Trifork left Portitxol on Monday morning at 6 bells, (that's 7 am to non nautical coves) sailed all around Mallorca and got back at 20:15. If you didn't already know, much of Spain has been battered over the last few days by Storm Gloria, and in Mallorca there has been a lot of flooding and trees blown over as heavy rain and high winds hit the Balearic Islands.

Whilst it seems crazy to set out to sea in these conditions – several of the big ferries between the islands and mainland were cancelled – the Danish crew of the Trifork actually planned their record attempt to coincide with the storm.

With massive waves 8 metres high and winds gusting at 40 knots (over 70 kmh) the vessel almost literally flew through the water! But as a former winner of the Volvo round the world ocean race in 2008-09 the boat and crew handled the conditions – officially described as like the South Atlantic – with ease.

Members and officials of Palma's Royal Nautical Club (photos) were at the finish line to applaud the crew who were described as comfortable but very wet. A plaque with the details of the new record will be engraved and placed in a prominent place in the club to mark the deed.

So well done to everybody involved in this, and I wonder how long this record will stand?