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BCM disco moves upmarket

'More select consumers'

The Balearics have been in the news recently as new laws to help improve the image of 3 resorts by cutting down on alcohol use and abuse have hit the headlines. In Mallorca the two main 'party areas,' Magaluf favoured by young Brits, and Playa de Palma/Arenal by the Germans have, though relatively small and contained, given the wrong sort of image to the island.

By restricting the purchase and use of alcohol the authorities hope to discourage 'low cost' tourism and eventually bring clients with a more 'across the board' acquisitive power to the area, more in line with the rest of Mallorca.

Over in Magaluf the main focus of naughty night-time behaviour is the Punta Balena neon strip and the area around the BCM disco club. BCM is Mallorca's biggest disco, with three floors, 4,000 capacity, and famed for its open bars and the type of DJs who attract young Brits.

However, BCM is upping the ante and changing its image and marketing to attract a more select consumer including many more local people. The disco's owners, the Cursach group, are spending €2.5 million to remodel the premises, changing its profile completely, getting rid of the open bars (which are a low end tourist magnet) and adding more VIP areas.

The disco's boss, Jaime Llado, who also runs Tito's in Palma which already attracts more high end clients, says he wants the new BCM to integrate into the new Magaluf. Work started on the building reform last November and will be completed for the reopening in May.

Already a new soft marketing campaign has been put in place to encourage the local crowd to visit by promoting artists and shows which appeal to them.

Well, will it work? Only time will tell.