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Extreme rock photography


chris sharma pscicobloc

I've written a couple of articles about a popular sport here in Mallorca called psicobloc. It involved ascending precipitous rock faces wearing nothing but a cozzie and a pair of flimsy shoes and then jumping off from a great height into the sea, many metres below.

In the rest of the world the extreme sports fraternity know it as deep water soloing and regard Mallorca as one of the top places to practice it. So it's no surprise that the American rock climber Chris Sharma, now based in Barcelona where he has a climbing gym and regarded by many as the world's top rock climber, should visit Mallorca to practice psicobloc.

His last visit was documented by fellow American, photographer Chris Burkard, one of the most influential travel, adventure and nature photographers in the United States and with more than three million followers on Instagram.

Famous for creating a "connection" between nature and the human being in his photos he says of his work with Sharma

I was lucky to document the Chris Sharma climbing in Japan, Iceland, Mallorca, California and more. There are few people out there better to put in front of my lens. The spontaneity, creativity and passion that he puts on his climbing is unsurpassed.”

As you can see from the couple of his photos I've used, he captures the thrill and excitement of the sport and also the stark beauty of Mallorca's rugged and spectacular coastline.

Anyone fancy giving it a go?