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Soller Train Offline

Essential maintenance

As usual, the famous old Palma to Soller railway, perhaps one of Mallorca's most popular non 'sun and sea' tourist activities is closed during the winter months for essential maintenance. However, there isn't long to wait until it reopens its picturesque route again on February 3rd.

The more than 100 year old tracks as well as other parts of the infrastructure like signals and tunnels need to be in tip top condition not only for the safety of the many passengers, but also to prevent wear and tear on the trains and carriages themselves.

Most of the work this winter – it started in December – is repairing and replacing a few kilometres of track, part of the annual rolling programme to keep the track in good nick. While the trains are offline, it's a perfect opportunity to make repairs and renovations to the engines and carriages.

With lots of beautiful wood and brass, the old rolling stock requires time and patience at the hands of skilled artisans to make the repairs as virtually everything in this 'antique' environment has to be handmade from just the right materials.

As you probably know, when the train pulls into Soller station (itself a beautiful building with its very own Picasso and Miro gallery) there are rickety old trams, with some of the carriages dating back to horse drawn times, which run down to the port of Soller. The trams are also offline at the moment but will return to service on January 27th.

If you've never been on the Soller train, take a look at the video to give you an idea of its unique style and beautiful scenery along the route.