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Free Cathedral visits

Balearic Day

There's a public holiday on the near horizon to celebrate Balearic Islands Day and to mark it many of the islands' museums and galleries throw open their doors for free visits by the public.

One definitely not to miss is Palma Cathedral which will be open on Saturday 29th February from 10:00 to 14:15 for anyone who cares to visit.

My tip, if you are on holiday in Mallorca at the time, is go! The cathedral is an incredible piece of architecture and interior design with hundreds of years of styles and influences interwoven into its structure and Christian culture.

Its origins go back to 1230 when the Christian conqueror of the occupying Moors ordered a cathedral built on the existing mosque. Constructed in Catalan (Mediterranean) Gothic style with some Northern European influences its 44 metre nave is the 8th highest in the world and has the thinnest supporting columns of any cathedral thanks to the massive external buttresses.

A famous landmark though the exterior is, it is the interior of the cathedral that is a delight. Thanks to the work of two famous artists/designers the interior is quite unique;

Antoni Gaudi, the Catalan architect left his mark – even after his sudden departure – with a new alter and Miquel Barcelo, a modern artist from Mallorca redesigned the Capilla del Santísimo to the right of the alter.

Obviously the cathedral – it is a Roman Catholic place of worship after all – is full of art; paintings, tapestries (currently being restored to their original colourful glory) and sculptures, as well as the beautiful robes and ceremonial jewellery of the clerics there.

For nothing, its more than well worth a trip, so why not pop in to have a look. Maybe the photos I've borrowed from Facebook will encourage you to visit?