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Man v horse at Manacor

Two legs v four

The history of the world has been littered with seemingly unequal contests over the years; David v Goliath, tortoise v hare and any world cup match featuring the England football team since 1966! Well, there's another contest coming up in Mallorca whose outcome is really difficult to predict.

It's a footrace between a man and a horse, both at the peak of their sporting prowess, and a competition that has even the bookies wondering who'll win. The race takes place at the Son Pardo, Manacor trotting track and pits one of the most successful trotting horses at the moment Ritz de Bocage driven by owner and jockey Jaume Fluxà against local athlete Joan Ros.

Taking place on 25th April at 7pm the race will be a little different for both competitors, as Ritz de Bocage, having four legs, will run 2 laps of the track, 800 metres, whilst Joan Ros, with only two legs, will run just the one.

The race is just one of the events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the racecourse and if you've never been to a trotting event, there are two courses in Mallorca; Manacor and Palma.

To whet your appetite just watch the video of Ritz (as he's known to his friends) winning at Manacor.