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The shadowy horse of Es Cavall Bernat

Spectacular light effect

One of Mallorca's most spectacular cliff faces has one of its strangest light phenomena and occurs at only certain times of the year. The cliff in question if the ruggedly precipitous Serra del Cavall Bernat which can be seen erupting out of the water near Cala San Vicente beach just a few kilometres from Puerto de Pollensa.

The massive wall of rock, up to 350 metres high and 3000 metres long faces north west and on certain days of the year and at certain times, the position of the sun against peaks and crags throws the shadow image of a giant horse across the rockface!

The phenomenon was captured in timelapse by a local photographer Marcos Molina and has been shared on all the usual social media platforms to the astonishment of many people who thought they were familiar with Mallorca but had no idea about this (including me!)

Actually, the name of the crag does give us some clues as cavall means horse in Catalan! However, Es Cavall Bernat is also appreciated by many more people than those interested in light phenomena. The Spanish painter and master of light Sorolla featured it in several of the paintings he made in the Cala San Vicente area, and the razor like ridge of Es Cavall is a favourite with climbers and scramblers visiting Mallorca.

I've borrowed a photo from Climbapedia where you can read all about scrambling along the Cavall Bernat ridge.