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Spanish Galleon in Palma

All aboard!

galleon andalucia

We 21st century landlubbers get a chance to see how hard life was aboard and ocean going ship 500 years ago when a genuine replica of one of Spain's Indies Fleet Vessels visits Palma this week.

The Spanish Galleon Andalucia, an imposing iroko wood and pine structure, 55 metres in length, with 4 masts and 930 square metres of sail will be moored up for the public at Palma's club de Mar.

The ship, built in 2010, replicates the galleons which ran the vast trade routes of the Spanish Empire in the 16th to 18th centuries uniting the country with South America and the pacific.

Unlike the smaller ships used to conquer the new territories, these galleons were much bigger in order to transport the riches of the new world - gold, silver, ivory, silk, and precious gems, back to Spain and because of the inherent dangers involved (scurvy pirates and jealous foreign nations) they were armed to the teeth.

The ships carried up to 150 people, including officers, crew members, merchants, servants, families, other passengers, and even live animals, the small space they had to share left them with just 1.5 square metres of space each!

Visitors to the ship can tour the 5 decks, and see how life was for the captain, crew, and everybody else crammed on board for month after month at sea on the long trans-oceanic voyages.

Dates - 13th to 23rd February

Time – 10:00 to 18:30

Price – Adult €6, Kids 5 to 10 €4, under 5 free.