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Rescued turtles released

Es Trenc beach

young turtles

The fabulously sandy beach of Es Trenc – a nature park – was the last sighting of land for a trio of turtles which were released back into their natural habitat this week.

The three loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta,) the most abundant in Mallorca's Mediterranean waters were guided back into the sea by the kids from a local school, supervised by staff from Palma Aquarium.

It had been a long journey since August to recovery for the trio – Patera, Garra, and Brooke – in the aquarium's special turtle 'hospital' after they were brought in when found in terrible condition tangled up in tar and plastic.

Patera (raft) and Garra (claw) were found in Andratx glued to each other with tar and both had to have a flipper amputated to help them recover. Poor Brooke was found entangled in plastic and she too lost a flipper and then developed pneumonia.

After months of loving care and treatment the turtles had recovered enough muscle to be released back into the sea were despite being a flipper down, they won't all be swimming round and round in circles.

Good luck to them all and well done to the staff at the aquarium rescue centre for all the work they do to ensure the survival of a lovely creature which is listed as vulnerable in the Balearic Catalogue of Threatened Species.