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Sineu market closed

200 years non-stop

pigs at the market

With a dearth of uplifting news in these days of isolation and lock down here's a little something that unfortunately follows the trend but is in itself ironically interesting.

The giant weekly market held in the Plaza de Es Fossar of the charming little town of Sineu in the middle of Mallorca didn't take place yesterday for the first time in 200 years.

There was a glimmer of hope, particularly from agriculturists in the area, that at least the fresh food and produce section of the market would go ahead as food is adjudged to be a necessary item and supermarkets and shops are still open.

Sineu, as well as foodstuffs, crafts, and other products is unique in being Mallorca's only market allowed to sell live animals like pigs, chickens, and other beasts. Obviously when a place is as crowded as Sineu's Wednesday market normally is, then it presents a risk of contagion due to lack of social distancing and had to be cancelled.

Nobody in the town can remember the market ever missing a Wednesday in living memory and it is believed that the last time it didn't take place was in 1820! And the reason? There was an outbreak of Bubonic Plague in nearby Son Servera (where many people died) and the market was not held to prevent the spread of the pestilence!

History repeats itself!