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Stay healthy

For small health issues, just pop along to a Spanish pharmacist, most speak excellent English and in Spain they are usually visited before the doctor as they can advise you on over the counter treatments you may be able to purchase for your ailment. 

If you are already on medication and run out, simply go to the chemist with a note of the name of your medication and they can often provide a replacement without the need of a perscription. You may also notice that the cost for medication in Spain is much lower.

Important - European Health Insurance Card

As with all European countries, in Spain you are entitled to free or reduced cost emergency treatment provided you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This replaced the E111 form on 1st January 2006. To apply for one either go to the Post Office or apply online at ww.ehic.org.uk.

We wouldn't recommend it as a replacement for good insurance cover, it does cover you for emergencies (though not for medication).

If you have any real concerns, we strongly advise you getting proper medical advice before or during you holiday.

On the following pages we have provided information on common 'holiday' health concerns. We do recommend you taking preventative and standard medicines to help if you experience any of the following.

Insect Bites

Mostly in early and late summer these little blighters (and they are small) can be a nuisance! Most people suffer a few days of itching but some can be quite sensitive and may need to take preventative action before travelling (see you doctor).

When on holiday a suitable repellent spray or cream will prevent bites, and buy one of the plug-ins at the local supermarket to use in your room at night. To soothe the itching use an after bite soother, bought from any chemist or, dab on a spot of vinegar.
A useful tip is to use the after sun lotions with built in insect repellent.

If you do suffer from a nasty bite that looks like it won't go away, go to the chemist and get their advice, before it gets the chance to become infected.

Animal Bites

We are a nation of pet lovers, but whilst on holiday, to be safe, it is better to be wary of all animals. A bite will always need looking at and you may even need a tetanus injection. So try and admire the furry ones from afar!

Tummy Troubles

These days we suffer less in the tummy upset area than in the early days of package tours! However the following advice is useful for helping you to avoid any aches or pains:

Cold drinks are very welcome in the heat of the day, but did you know that making your body cope with a clash of temperature; iced drinks verses overheated bodies, could set you up for a tummy upset.

Best to have chilled drinks when you're in the hot sun and save the ice cold drinks until you're a bit cooler! In fact a hot drink, like tea, will cool you down quicker.

In some places the water is wonderful, whilst in other places it's advisable to buy bottled water for drinking. Where ever you stay on the island tap water is fine for teeth cleaning and cooking but the taste can take a little while to get used to.