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Picture perfect Deia is framed by the dramatic Tramontana mountains on one side and the deep blue Mediterranean sea on the other. A more perfect location you couldn't find. 

A more perfect location you couldn't find. No wonder it's beloved by celebrities; Andrew Lloyd Webber has 3 villas here and La Residencia, a hotel once owned by Richard Branson's ex-wife, is a well known retreat on the tick list of the famous.

The alluring charm of Deia (which means 'hamlet' in Arabic) draws you in immediately. A walk through the cobbled alleyways takes you back to the age when donkeys were the main source of transport and the terraces were richly cultivated. An added surprise for many visitors is the stream that bubbles and gurgles its way through the village to the sea. Follow its route, for about 20 mins, through beautiful olive groves and sheep pastures to find Cala Deia, a small crack in the craggy coast that delivers a pebble beach served by two restaurant bars.

The main street is scattered with restaurants, there's a small local supermarket and a delightful walk up the labyrinth of narrow streets to the 14th century church where you'll find the resting place of the poet Robert Graves (visit his house on the edge of the village) and a stunning view out to sea. Deia also has a good bus service which runs around the coastline through towns such as Soller and Valdermossa and plenty of walks which ensures year round visitors.

Spotlight Gossip: Princess Diana holed up in La Residencia after her separation from Prince Charles.

What can you find here?

  • Robert Graves, the famous novelist and poet, lived the last years of his life here and is now buried in the churchyard. Visit the house in which he lived which has been preserved for posterity by the Tourist Office.
  • Stunning walks abound in this area which are so popular with hikers and ramblers in the cooler months. All the routes are well marked and many are easily reached by bus (giving you the option of walking only one way on a route).
  • Cala Deia
  • An old communal laundry situated, and fed by, the stream which flows down the mountain.
  • A beautifully dramatic beach cove is reached either by car, or walk through the donkey fields and countryside meandering along the riverbank. Once there refreshments can be enjoyed from the beach bars (open in the warmer months).

Useful info:

The official Deia website with bus timetables, history and other interesting facts: www.ajdeia.net

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