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Set in the Tramuntana mountain range, Valldemosa (Valldemossa in Catalan) is the highest village in Majorca.

Life was hard here as it is exposed to more extreme weather than the rest of the island. In winter it’s common for the village to be cut off by snow and during the spring and autumn months the strong winds ensure there’s a chilly edge to the weather (so take a jumper or coat if visiting outside the summer months).

But don’t let that put you off - it is a stunningly beautiful village, full of cobbled streets, stone houses and breathtaking views around every corner. There are plenty of shops and eateries to explore along the narrow streets, but notice, when walking past the houses, that they all have a plaque by the front door which depicts Santa Catalina – the well known saint of the village.

It was Santa Catalina that brought the Carthusian monastery to Valldemosa (mossa also means ‘beautiful girl’) but it was Chopin’s stay along with his lover the writer (and feminist) George Sand that made this small village famous to the world at large.

What can you find here?

• The Royal Charterhouse (Carthusian Monastery) of Jesus of Nazareth, built in the early 14th century and open to visitors. The old pharmacy is definitely worth a look.
• The ‘cell’ or rooms that Chopin inhabited during his brief stay with George Sand and captured in her book ‘A Winter in Majorca’
• The piano that Chopin used to compose on whilst in residence there along with many artifacts and handwritten pages of George Sand's book
• Well signposted walking routes that take you in many different directions; to the coast, along the mountain range into Deia or towards the direction of Palma
• A shrine erected in the birthplace of Santa Catalina
• An old communal laundry is still in existence

Useful info: To get a real flavour of this area read George Sand's ‘A Winter in Majorca’.

Valldemossa Map